Coach Award eLearning

The Coach Award eLearning is a compulsory set of activities that need to be completed before assessment when completing the British Canoeing Awarding Body Coach Award. These activities are only available once you have registered for the British Canoeing Coach Award, after which, a log in will be generated and sent to you.

The activities inside this eLearning package are:

  1. Coaching Philosophy
  2. How Learners/Athletes Learn
  3. Stages of Learning
  4. Enabling Learners/Athletes to Learn
  5. Coaching To Develop Learner/Athlete Learning
  6. Coach’s Decision Making
  7. Information Gathering
  8. Creating an Optimum Learning Environment
  9. Structuring Practice Sessions
  10. Games With Aims
  11. Reflective Practice
  12. Planning Caching Sessions
  13. Roles and Responsibilities
  14. Deployment Matters
  15. Welfare of Learners/ Athletes
  16. Equality and Learner/Athlete Needs

To register for the Coach Award and gain access to this eLearning, please contact your Home Nation.

If you have already registered and have your log in, click below to access the eLearning.